Where do I start?

  •  You can start in a Pilates Basics Class. For someone who has never done Pilates Reformer, I would recommend you start in a basics class for at least two or three classes and then you can move in to another class.


I was wondering if you must have a membership to the rec centers to take your Pilates classes.

  •  No, you do not have to have a recreation center membership card to take the Pilates Reformer classes. I rent the space from the Center and all fees are paid to Pilates on the Move.


I have been doing Pilates Mat classes for a couple years now and have tried a few reformer classes.

  • I offer Pilates Basics classes to both introduce and refresh on the Pilates movement reformer machine usage fundamentals.  If you come in with some overall knowledge of the Pilates method taking a BASIC or Reformer 1 class would be fine.  Many participants are one or two years into doing Pilates… but as you may know, there is always a little growth after general mastery of each movement.


Do I have to take consecutive classes or can I drop in any of the Basics classes?

  •  The classes are ongoing and on a first-come first-reserve basis. No, you do not have to come consecutively, you can come as your schedule allows; if you pay for four classes, you use them up over the course of 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months. Buying a package encourages you to commit to at least four to ten classes to truly understand the Pilates Reformer method of Pilates.


I may possibly want to take classes at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance studio but noted that it has a different web site to schedule. How does scheduling using both websites work with prepayment of the package?

  •  I put the Cleo classes on the our site so clients are aware of other locations where I teach and have classes. At this point in time it is a partnership with Cleo and my studio, and the packages are not currently interrelated - they are separate purchases. Prices are comparable, but you do have to pay thru Cleo's website and purchase packages from their school.
Prices (prices are per class):
  • If you decide to just drop-in one time - $18
  • Or, just to start, $15 per class for a package of four classes
  • Purchase more than four classes in a package and prices per class range from $12 down to $10 per class (e.g.- 10 classes for $120 or 20 classes for $200).
  • We do have clients who sign an agreement and pay as they go if they are unable to pay for packages up front. 
Questions about Privates
  • You do not have to do a private session before starting class. We however do require you start in a Pilates Basics class for a couple of sessions so your instructor can analyze your movement patterns and level of understanding of the Pilates Method, before advancing into any other classes.